2021             Advanced Certificate in Art Education, Queens College, CUNY, Queens, NY

2019             MFA in Studio Art, The City College of New York, CUNY, New York, NY
2010             BFA in Painting, minor in Philosophy, SUNY Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY 


2023              Bronx Museum AIM Fellowship Program
2023              Bronx Council on the Arts New Work Grant

2023              ArtBridge Fellowship, Harlem, NY

2022              Bronx Recognizes its Own (BRIO) Grant

2021              New York Foundation For The Arts (NYFA) City Artist Corps Grant

2021              Queens Art Fund New Work Grant, Queens, NY

2021              National Endowment For The Arts (NEA) Grant

2021              ArtBridge Bridging the Divide Fellowship, Bronx, NY
2021              Impact Artist Fellowship with the Global Leadership Human Impacts Institute

2021              Cultural Solidarity Fund Grant
2020              Integrity: Arts & Culture Association Grant
2020              Can’d Aid Grant (as Curator, Facilitator of Ankhlave 2021 programming)
2020              Queens Art Fund Grant (as Curator, Facilitator of AnkhLave Garden Project 2020) Queens, NY

2019-20        Jamaica Center For Arts and Learning ArtWorks Inc Fellowship, Queens, NY
2017-19         Therese Rolston Connor Merit Based Tuition Scholarship
2018               Therese Rolston Connor Study Abroad Scholarship 
2016               Front Line Hero, New York Non-Profit Media, New York, NY
2015              Award for Excellence, NYSACRA Conference, New York, NY


2023             Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), Governor’s Island, NY
2023              Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (EFA) SHIFT Residency, New York, NY
2023              Tafaria Castle Residency, Nyahururu, Kenya
2023              NYC Audubon Residency, Governor’s Island, NY

2022              Javits Center Climate Week, New York, NY

2022              BronxArtSpace, Governor's Island, New York, NY

2021              Flux Factory Art Residency, Queens, NY
2020-21        Materials For The Arts (MFTA) Art Residency, Queens, NY
2020              School of Visual Arts (SVA) Art Residency, New York, NY
2020              West Harlem Art Fund's Art Muze Residency, Governor’s Island, NY
2019              Trestle Gallery Residency, Brooklyn, NY
2018              Arquetopia Residency, Cusco, Peru

2023    The Fowl and the Foul, NYC Audubon, Governor’s Island, NY (forthcoming)

2022    Nest Summit Climate Week, The Atrium, Javits Center, New York, NY

2022    Temple of Acacia, Old Stone House, Brooklyn, NY
2022    Blood is Thicker than the Water that Separated U.S., Lewis Latimer House Museum, Queens, NY

2021    Don’t Let it Slip Through Your Fingers, Flux Factory, Queens, NY
2021    Archetypes: A Visual Soundtrack, Materials For the Art (MFTA), Queens, NY
2019    Sanctuary, MFA Thesis Show, The City College of New York, CUNY, New York, NY
2017    AfroFuture, Shangri La Eiffel Tower Palace, Paris, France
2017    Chakranicity, La Comtesse, Paris, France
2016    15 Year Anniversary of an Angel, Lutheran Church of Gustavus Adolphus, New York, NY
2016    Faces, The Carlton Arms Hotel, New York, NY 
2016    Icons, Project Reach, New York, NY
2015    Musicians, The Shrine, New York, NY 
2015    Chakras, Casa Frela Gallery, New York, NY 
2014    New York Fashion Week, Harlem Library, New York, NY
2013    Buffayo, Contact Longboard, Buffalo, NY 
2013    African Diaspora Achieving Excellence Ceremony, HSBC, Buffalo, NY
2012    Angels Vs. Demons, ZGM Fine Arts, Buffalo, NY 
2012    Buddha Nature, The Arts Enrichment Center, Buffalo NY 
2012    The Village Clairvoyant, Coming Home Buffalo, Buffalo NY 
2012    Classical Universal, Artspace Gallery, Buffalo, NY

2011     Portraits, Sp@ce 224, Buffalo, NY
2011     The Show, B West Studios, Buffalo NY2008      

2008     Solo Show, Buffalo State EH Butler Library, Buffalo, NY  

2024    Bronx Museum, AIM Fellowship Exhibition (Forthcoming)
2023    EFA Project Space Residency Exhibition (Forthcoming)
2023    Five Points: Convergence of Dreams, Equity Gallery, 245 Broome Street, New York, New York 10002
2022    BronxArtSpace on Governors Island, Colonels Row, building 407A
2022     Conflict / Resolution, Harvest Works on Governors Island, Nolan Park, building 10A

2022     Present Power / Future Hopes, LES Gallery - The Clemente Center, New York, NY

2022    Life Turned Inside Out, West Harlem Art Fund, Governor's Island, Nolan Park, Building 10B

2022    The Sustainable Art Show: Silent Auction for 10 Years of Artists in Residents at MFTA, Brooklyn, NY

2022    ArtBridge: Bridging the Divide public mural exhibit, Bronx, NY

2021    LUMINA, Local Project Gallery, Queens, NY
2021    Visual Muze Art Residency 3 person show on Governor’s Island, New York, NY
2021    iLLUSIONAL, Chashama Union Square show, New York, NY
2020    JCAL Art Fellowship Exhibit, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Brooklyn, NY
2019    Residency Exhibition, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2019    Creative Mosaic, Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, NY
2019    Pro-to-types, Alter Works Studio, Long Island City, NY
2018    Print Fest 2018, Caelum Gallery, New York, NY
2018    Small Works, Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY
2018    Postcards on the Edge, Visual AIDS, New York, NY
2018    Et Tu, Art Brute, Andre Edlin Gallery, New York, NY
2018    Sculpture Show, Compton Goethals Gallery, New York, NY
2017    Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building, New York, NY 
2017    Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2016    Bombay Saphire Art Basel Semi Finalist Show, Rush Gallery, New York, NY
2016    Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 
2016    The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2016    Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY
2016    MCCNY, New York, NY
2015    Black Artists Show, Harlem Commonwealth Council Inc. New York, NY 
2015    Group Show, Harlem Library, New York, NY
2015    Merge Art Show,  M1-5, New York, NY 
2015     Voices, Casa Frela Gallery, New York, NY
2015      Black Lives Matter, Raw Space, New York, NY 
2015      Project Reach, New York, NY Group Show
2014      Fashion Week Brooklyn Exhibit, Industry City, Brooklyn, NY
2014      Hang Night (Salon), Heath Gallery, New York , NY
2014      Montrose Proper Gallery, Houston, TX
2013      Infringement Festival Show, Fuse Gallery, Buffalo NY
2013      Streetpoetz.com Official Launch Event, WNED TV, Buffalo, NY 
2013      Nescient Profits, Rust Belt Books, Buffalo NY (Collaboration with Mignant John)
2012      2 Man Exhibit, Elmwood and Tupper Gallery, Buffalo NY 
2012      Submit 4 Glory, ZGM Fine Arts, Buffalo, NY (Collaboration with Joe Kewin)
2012      One Nation Under God, El Museo, Buffalo, NY 
2012      BLAMMO!, Artspace Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2012      Urban Alchemy Juried ELAB members show, ZGM Fine Arts, Buffalo, NY
2012      Creepshow 4, Filigrees, Buffalo, NY
2012      Trinity, 464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2012      Image and Identity, Artspace Gallery, Buffalo, NY 
2012      Main Street Studios, Buffalo, NY 
2011      ZGM Fine Arts , Buffalo NY
2011      El Buen Amigo, Buffalo, NY
2010     Traveling Figurama Exhibit , Stredoslovenská Galéria, Bánská Bystrica, Slovakia
2010     Traveling Figurama Exhibit, Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
2010     Traveling Figurama Exhibit, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
2010     Traveling Figurama Exhibit, Avalon Business Center, Czech Republic
2010     B West Studios, Buffalo NY
2009     College Street Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2009     Impact Artist’s Gallery, Tri-Main Center, Buffalo, NY
2008     Gateway Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2008     B West Studios, Buffalo NY
2008     Beyond the Barrel, Niagara Arts and Cultural Center [NACC] Niagara Falls, NY
2008     Red Cross Charity Wine Auction, Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, NY
2008     Records, Buffalo State EH Butler Library, Buffalo, NY
2008     Singles Show , Cosmopolitan Gallery, Buffalo NY
2007     Curtain Up , Cepa Gallery, Buffalo, NY

2022    Comic Con NYC, Javits Center, New York, NY
2022    Nest Summit, Javits Center, New York, NY

2021    Shared Dialogue, Shared Space, Weeping Beach Park, Queens, NY

2021    Art in Odd Places (AIOP), New York, NY
2015    Artists in the Kitchen, Room 53, New York, NY
2013    Music is Art Festival, Buffalo, NY
2013    Infringement Festival, Buffalo, NY
2012    Blind Baby Holiday festival, Buffalo, NY
2012    Wellness Weekend festival, Buffalo, NY
2012    Infringement Festival, Buffalo, NY
2010    Allen West Festival , Buffalo, NY
2009    Music is Art Festival , Buffalo, NY
2008    Elmwood Art Festival, Buffalo, NY
2008    Infringement Festival , Buffalo, NY
2008    Trimania (Triennial) , Tri-Main Center, Buffalo NY
2008    Lewiston Art Festival , Buffalo, NY
2008   Cheektowaga Arts and Crafts Show Represented by the Cheektowaga Arts Guild , Cheektowaga, NY

​2022    Old Stone House workshop

2022    Lewis Latimer House Museum Juneteenth workshop

2022    Lewis Latimer House Museum artist talk

2021    Artists Talk on Art (ATOA) artist talk

2021    City Artist Corps Workshop at the Mitchel Community Center

2021    3 workshops with ArtBridge at the Mitchel Community Center

2021    Queens Council on the Arts (QCA) Creative Conversation

2021    Maryland Institute College of Art Panel Discussion
2021    North Dakota University rising artist talk

2021    Materials For the Arts (MFTA) Artist Talk
2021    Paradise Palace Gallery artist interview
2021    Institute for Practical Life Talk on building altars as therapy
2021    Korea Art Forum (KAF) A Forum To Shared Dialogue, Shared Space
2021    Flux Factory Artist Talk for "Don't Let It Slip Through Your Fingers" 
2021    Materials For The Arts (MFTA) Artist Talk for the "Archetypes: a Visual Soundtrack" Solo Show
2020    Jamaica Center For Arts and Learning (JCAL) Fellows Talk
2020    Astoria Film Festival interview about AnkhLave Arts Alliance, Inc. and the "Artists Unmasked" film
2019    Plaxall Gallery Artist Talk at Creative Mosaic show
2017    Artist Talk at the Adam Clayton Powell art gallery


2020-22   Adjunct Professor, Guttman Community College
2021-22   Art Teacher, Harlem Children Zone, New York, NY
2019-21   Art Teacher, Achievement First Bushwick Charter School, Brooklyn, NY
2019           Teaching Assistant for Intermediate Drawing, The City College of New York, CUNY, New York, NY
2009-13     Part Time Teaching Artist, Starlight Studio, Buffalo, NY2009     Art Educator, The Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY


2020.    Freelance Artist and Graphic Designer at Dario Mohr, LLC
2018     Founder, Director of AnkhLave Arts Alliance, Inc.

2024     Amplify Community, BronxArtSpace, Bronx, NY

2023     African Mural Project, New York, NY2021    The AnkhLave Artist Residency, Kingsland Wildflowers, Brooklyn, NY
2021    The Third Annual AnkhLave Garden Project, The Queens Botanical Garden, Queens, NY
2020    The Second Annual AnkhLave Garden Project, The Queens Botanical Garden, Queens, NY
2019    The First Annual AnkhLave Garden Project, Parque De Tranquilidad, Manhattan Land Trust, New York, NY
2016    The 3rd AnkhLave Juried Art Show, The Carlton Arms Art Gallery, New York, NY
2015    Fine Art Masquerade, AnkhLave Studio, New York, NY  
2015    June Bazaar Art Tour Chelsea Rooftop Art Exhibit, El Cid Tapas, New York, NY 
2015    Rolling Stoned The Shrine, New York, NY 
2015    AnkhLave Juried Art Show/ Auction, Project Reach, New York, NY 
2015    Black Lives Matter New York Fashion Week Sponsored by Cricket Wireless, New York, NY
2015    Beauty Concept: Art and Evolution Panel Discussion, The Left Forum, John Jay College, New York, NY
2015    Pre New York Fashion Week Mixer Sponsored by Cricket Wireless, New York, NY 
2015    HarLove NYFW, Harlem Library, New York, NY
2014    Unsung Heroes Award Show, Harlem Library, New York, NY 
2014    The Premier Designer Collective NYFW, New York, NY
2014    Subvert NYFW, Project Reach, New York, NY 
2014    Unsung Heroes Award Show, Harlem Library, New York, NY 
2014    Pop Up Art Exhibit and  NYFW Show Sponsored by Cricket Wireless, Harlem Library, New York, NY     

2023  “Happy Planting Day” Planting ceremony in Washington Park at Old Stone House

2022   “Temple of Acacia Ancestor Veneration Ceremony” recorded and performed at Old Stone House

2021   Closed Casket, recorded funerary performance Flux Factory on Mother's Day Weekend
2021  Archetype Activation Ritualrecorded performance on the January new moon at Materials For The Arts

2022   Happy Planting Day, veneration ritual of ancestors taking place at Old Stone House

2023    Brooklyn Botanic Garden Performance Artist Residency
2023    Residency Unlimited (RU) Artist Residency
2022    New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) Around the Table Exhibit


BRIC Contemporary Art Registry

Tribeca Film Institute Arts Registry

Bronx Council On the Arts Registry

Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

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​​​​​​Dario Mohr