​​​​​​Dario Mohr 


Dario Mohr is a first generation Grenadian, U.S. citizen born in 1988.  Based in New York City, Mohr is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and non profit leader.  He received a BFA in Painting from Buffalo State College, an MFA in Studio Art from The City College of New York and an Advanced Certificate in At Education from Queens College. His work involves the creation of  "sacred spaces" referencing his heritage, and expressing commentary on the cultural zeitgeist through immersive sanctuary experiences.  His practice is interdisciplinary, converging painting, sculpture, installation, digital art and film.  Recently, he has accompanied his work with performances, including “The Archetype Activation Ritual” presented in tandem with his solo show presented as artist in residence at Materials For the Arts. He also began presenting in public spaces, with notable works including “Sow the Seeds” created during his 2021 Fellowship with ArtBridge, and “Revelations Across Generations” Exhibited during his solo exhibit at the  Lewis Latimer House Museum.  In addition to his individual art practice, he is also the Founder and Director of AnkhLave Arts Alliance, Inc. which is a non-profit arts organization for the recognition and representation of BIPOC artists in contemporary art.