​​​​​​Dario Mohr 

Archetypes: A Visual Soundtrack

(Created as Artist in Resident at Materials For The Arts)

​“Archetypes: A Visual Soundtrack” is an exploration of Jungian archetypes and the collective unconscious through music and popular culture. Mohr has transformed fabric, furniture, and found objects into twelve shrine-like works, which represent Carl Jung’s archetypes and pay homage to some of the greatest departed musicians of our time.  The  exhibition combines the physical and the metaphysical transforming MFTA into a sacred, meditative space. Each work, crafted with glowing LED lights, glows with a reverential energy.  “Archetypes: A Visual Soundtrack” is the largest exhibition to be on view at Materials for the Arts; Mohr’s works fill the MFTA gallery and artist studio. As you navigate through the TOUR, you can view videos of Mohr activating each work. You can also view the full activation video below:

“Man in the Mirror”
Metal rack, PVC, painting on skateboard, LED lights, mannequin limbs, acrylic transfer

5ft 10 in x 3ft 6 x 3ft 6

“Am I Inside”
Tulle, doily fabric, t-shirts, projected original paintings on trash can, light, tree stumps, candelabra, candles, led tea lights,

9ft tall, 3 ft wide, 8 ft deep

“I Got Life”
Glass, LED lights, original painting print, faux candles, photos,

3ft 3 in x 6ft x 2ft 10 in

“I Care 4 U”

Original paintings on canvas, partition, large vessels, lights, cushions, book shelf, miscellaneous objects.

7ft 9in x 6ft 8 x 7ft 9 inch

“Wicked Garden”
Stone vessels, comic pages, comic books, elephant skin fabric, light, bus seat, original painting slideshow on macbook air, signs,

 7 ft tall, 6ft wide, 5 ½ ft deep

“Points of Authority”
Glass tanks, wooden shelf, retractable metal brackets, LED lights, test tubes, Masterlocks, speaker, candles, raspberry powder, Apple computer parts, animation of original painting on iphone.

6 ½ ft tall, 11 ft wide, 10 ft 2 inch deep

The Archetype Activation Performance:

​This was a ritual performance during the first new moon of 2021 (January 12, 2021). Instead of writing affirmative declarations for myself, I wrote private well wishes to the legacy of various archetypal figures in music culture.  I created this informed by Carl Jung, imagining various iconic deceased musicians  playing an archetypal role in the play that is contemporary music.  I created this in the pandemic as Artist in Residence at Materials For the Arts (MFTA) so I was not able to present the series live, so I knew that I needed to activate these sanctuary spaces myself, presenting how audiences could have engaged with them if they were to have seen them in person.  This ritual culminated in the recognition of a 13th archetype found within the final work, which represents the Pioneer. For this I acknowledged the Black predecessors that inspired the archetypal figures expressed in the previous works in the video. 


“Keep Ya Head Up”
Acrylic transfers of original painting prints on PVC roll, hanging on clothes rack, wooden dominoes, faux candles, photos, meditation bench, LED Lights,

6ft 3 inch x 3ft x 2 ½ ft

Artist Talk

“Baby, I’m a Star”

Original acrylic paintings projected on bust, faux flowers, stadium light, faux fur, lanterns, wooden structure, Acrylic on unstretched canvas, 

7ft 8in x 4ft x 4ft

“Jesus Christ Pose”

Broken easel, basket, acrylic transfer of original painting print, LED lights, giant dreidel

7 ½ ft tall, 4 ft wide, 3 ½ ft deep

“The Temple of The King"
T-shirt, stage lights, velvet, fabric, shelf, bench, cushions, ramp, books, wooden box, hands sculpture, candleabras, candles,

7ft 7 inch tall, 6 ½ ft wide, 8 ft deep

“Love is a Losing Game”
Velvet, wood, brass instrument case, original paintings, prints of original paintings, lampshades, wheat, lights, shelf, miscellaneous objects,

9ft x 7ft 5in x 6ft

“Natural Mystic”
Led lights, sconces, wood, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on paper, leather fabric, shear fabric, beaded curtain, mirror, rope, miscellaneous objects, faux flowers,

6ft 6in x 6ft 3in x 7ft