Dario Mohr artS, LLC



Dario Mohr's Poetry comes from many places. Through Philosophy classes in college and general interest in the existential as well as general self help, Dario found himself Free Writing every day. Though liberating he began turning his feelings into poetry, which then transformed to spoken word. Dario wrote hundreds of spoken word poems throughout college with much of it centering around nihilism and an emotional resignation from the corruption of society. He ended up having an independent study with Art Professor Joseph Miller on his written Poetry and then translated into visual art. 

For much of his college career he turned inwardly for an exploration into his own subconscious and purging the negativity he has acquired thus far. It was a necessary creative outlet for him as he had little time at that point to focus on creative visual arts, being taught to paint realism in the style of the old masters. He used poetry to feed his creative side while he focused on his undergraduate. After he graduated he took what he learned and applied it to what he wanted to paint creatively. This freedom was a major transition in his poetic style from wallowing and apathetic to optomistic and spiritual. From there he had a few Relationships which took on a new direction in poetry. His portfolio is multidimensional and speaks from many places including his political beliefs, introspection, romance, spirituality, etc.