​​​​​Dario Mohr, LLC



Q: How do I purchase original artwork?
A: Send me a direct message with either URL, Title of the piece or good description and I will follow up within 24 hours.

Q: Do you do take commissions?
A: Yes, depending on the subject matter and creative leeway.  I spend most of my time working on my own series. When I take on commissions, I like to have creative control to ensure that the outcome of the painting is consistent with my artistic vision.


Q: I am interested in commissioning a Daft Minerva Piece. How may I go about inquiring?
A: I accept commissions for Daft Minerva the same way I accept them for my Fine Artwork. Inquire in detail via the contact section of the site.

Q: I am interested in a Daft Minerva Fine Art Fashion article of clothing on the site, how may I order it?
A: The best way currently is to email me the url, title or detailed description of the piece and we can go from there.


Q: Will you draw a custom tattoo design for me?
A: I have designed all of my own tattoos as well as many others and am open to inquiries for commissioned tattoo designs, however I am not administering them via tattoo gun at this time..

Q: Will you design my album cover for my band?
A: I have created artwork for some album covers before.  Sometimes licensing my existing artwork can be a good option. Feel free to contact me about your concept.

Q: Will you create an original Logo for me?

A: Absolutely! Or should I say my digital art alias Apophenic Graphics will. Feel free to check out the testimonials in that tab's portfolio if you haven't yet and after acquainted with my work let me know what you have in mind.

PSYCHONAUTical INKorporated:

Q: I would like for you to character design my cartoon or comic book. Is this something you could do?

A: I am absolutely open to character design commissions. I have thousands of original cartoons already created ranging from humans to animals to aliens, super heroes and villains, and caricatures of real people. I also can create new ones if the project is within my aesthetic.

Q: I am interested in using a previously created character from the PSYCHONAUTical INKorporated portfolio. How may I gat permission for using the character design?

A: You can email me through the contact section with a link or screenshot to the image you are interested in using. Inquire through email regarding the purchase of character designs from the portfolio.


Q: What Type of Caricature Events do you have experience in?

A: Weddings are my most popular events. I have also done Birthday Parties, Release Parties, and numerous festivals, including the Tet Festival of Houston, The WNY Natural Hair Convention, as well as Fireman's Ball, and various work fundraisers and after work mixers

Q: What is your experience with Yelp.com?

A: I have been an official caricature artist for Yelp.com Buffalo as well as Yelp Houston, and have done some Yelp events for NYC as well since 2011. I caricatured at their booth at Elite Yelp events from, and many other shows, which include Buffalo Wing Festival, The Taste of Diversity Festival, Taste of Williamsville Festival, Sephora Presents the Day of the Dead, and the Beta Awards just to name a few.

Q: I would like to hire you to caricature my event. How may I get in touch with you?

A: You can email me through the "contact me" section of this site.


Q: I am interested in volunteering, interning or apprenticing with you. Is this possible?

A: Yes. I am currently open to any of the above so feel free to contact me about which in particular you are interested in.


​Q: I would like to include your artwork, fashion, or poetry in my publication or feature an interview with you in my publication or on my radio station video.

A: Feel free to inquire by email.