​​​​​Dario Mohr, LLC

Archetypes: A Visual Soundtrack

“Baby, I’m a Star”

Original acrylic paintings projected on bust, faux flowers, stadium light, faux fur, lanterns, wooden structure, Acrylic on unstretched canvas, 

7ft 8in x 4ft x 4ft

“The Temple of The King”

T-shirt, stage lights, velvet, fabric, shelf, bench, cushions, ramp, books, wooden box, hands sculpture, candleabras, candles,

7ft 7 inch tall, 6 ½ ft wide, 8 ft deep

“Natural Mystic”

Led lights, sconces, wood, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on paper, leather fabric, shear fabric, beaded curtain, mirror, rope, miscellaneous objects, faux flowers,

6ft 6in x 6ft 3in x 7ft

“I Care 4 U”

Original paintings on canvas, partition, large vessels, lights, cushions, book shelf, miscellaneous objects.

7ft 9in x 6ft 8 x 7ft 9 inch

“Love is a Losing Game”

Velvet, wood, brass instrument case, original paintings, prints of original paintings, lampshades, wheat, lights, shelf, miscellaneous objects,

9ft x 7ft 5in x 6ft

“Wicked Garden”

Stone vessels, comic pages, comic books, elephant skin fabric, light, bus seat, original painting slideshow on macbook air, signs,

 7 ft tall, 6ft wide, 5 ½ ft deep

“Jesus Christ Pose”

Broken easel, basket, acrylic transfer of original painting print, LED lights, giant dreidel

7 ½ ft tall, 4 ft wide, 3 ½ ft deep

“Keep Ya Head Up”

Acrylic transfers of original painting prints on PVC roll, hanging on clothes rack, wooden dominoes, faux candles, photos, meditation bench, LED Lights,

6ft 3 inch x 3ft x 2 ½ ft

“Points of Authority”

Glass tanks, wooden shelf, retractable metal brackets, LED lights, test tubes, Masterlocks, speaker, candles, raspberry powder, Apple computer parts, animation of original painting on iphone.

6 ½ ft tall, 11 ft wide, 10 ft 2 inch deep

“Man in the Mirror”

Metal rack, PVC, painting on skateboard, LED lights, mannequin limbs, acrylic transfer

5ft 10 in x 3ft 6 x 3ft 6

“I Got Life”

Glass, LED lights, original painting print, faux candles, photos,

3ft 3 in x 6ft x 2ft 10 in

“Am I Inside”

Tulle, doily fabric, t-shirts, projected original paintings on trash can, light, tree stumps, candelabra, candles, led tea lights,

9ft tall, 3 ft wide, 8 ft deep