​​​​Dario Mohr ART


I am finished with the idols

My art is archival

The divine creativity 

Flowing within me

Is validity

To superior being

I don't need to worship

Lords externally

I maintain courtship

With the inner visionary

That is beyond psyche

Beyond the illusion we claim almighty

So in conclusion I proclaimed nightly

Before I lay me down to sleep

That this soul will live abundantly

In this holy temple of bone and teeth

Wrapped in flesh and skin with knotted bows

A sack of melanin covered in clothes

One day adorned in gold

And the finest quartz

A walking organ apex

Attuned to the source


They say you aren't divine

So you decide to climb

That rope dangling off the ground

Disappearing into the clouds

Of the fresco ceiling

Painted angels looking down

While you keep reaching

Till you slip and fall to the ground

And lose all feeling

With no possible rebound

And learn the closer you get, the farther you fall

Better a lowly animal on the bottom to crawl

Then a deistic cannibal, head stepping as they fall

The only way to reach the top

and learn there is nothing

But an ornate facade

And how to live off the suffering

Of the human lives suffocating

Within the chapel of hell


Things are shifting


And the days will pass you by if you are not attuned and listening

keep up with the times

But don't follow the rhymes

Follow your own discord

Till you find your jam session cohorts

Suited to your tune

With the instruments of the new



Heaven is not a place

Its a spiritual evolution

No final resting place

Or last resolution

As one can fall from grace

At any Ego based intrusion

Causing enlightenment replaced

With regress to delusion


Its so psychedelic 

watched as you felt it

one hit and you were on a trip 

wishin you can quit

but your body won't let it

Cus my psychotropic mushroom

is growin inside you 

Another demension

permeating every molecule

your huminoid alkaloid transitions commensing

dont fight it 

cus ur minds expanding

as i witness the enlightening 

Our spirits harmonizing, 

chemistry rewriting 

Whole nervous systems revising

aura heightening 

astral projecting, 



close to cardiac arresting 

until i pull you back

snap you back

clap clap 

these carnal pleasures 

enrapturing your calcified mind trap 

Thrustin up like lightning 

through your conduit inviting

lets keep vibrating 

till we reach the higher plane




Im at the rim 

Staring into your soul

lapping up sweet ektoplasma winding 

down the rabbit hole 

I am not a poltergeist

Nor am i Jesus christ

Im just that magic serpent

Crawling up and down your spine


Im bargin my way down your hall

Not tentatively

Lookin up as i free fall 

My philosophers stone is like a star

leading me trough your dark

Brightness shining through your clouds

Like an aura the light surrounds

While you speak in tongues and foam at the mouth 

My DNA is loading

Consciousness Decoding 

With the most esoteric agenda

To leave your analogue eroded

let me share my history 

So profound the sensitivity

blowin up like uppercuts 

crystalizing to the touch

More transient than any religion 

You have just experienced my apex prism


Body high

openin my third eye

like lazer beams shootin knowlege in the sky

like ether

this load is off the meter

​winding staircase to your brain making you a believer

journeying through the confines of your mind

psychonautic conduits leading to your divine

Fractalizing geometric crystals take shape

Fabricating existence in your mind scape

Take a toke

You know this hit is no joke 

now your tastin colors 

gag reflexin, dont choke


My resolution to you

After a year in review

We are professionals on the job

not co workers around the clock

We are not eachothers employees 

As we are not temporary 

For we know entrepreneurs cannot work under another

Like birds we fly free

As we are free spirits of the trees

We cannot sit behind desks

As we are deviant from the rest

Being originators and visionaries

We need people to build our majesty

Co Kings maintaining the throne

No King can rule alone

Watching each other's backs

Dodging blows from their attacks

Not just of this 3rd dimension

But the unseen energies unmentioned

We must act and speak through wisdom

Not carried away by the imposing system 

Or beings inhabiting realms we cannot see

Blinded by possession of negative entities

mindful for our selves and collective self

We will overcome any cards we are dealt


How we identify

Is what the media decides

We self simplify

To satisfy the margins of lies

Reinforced by the majority

of a pseudo idealized  pedigree

Mixed breed ancestry


For the cultural labels

Such as Latino or Native American

Culturally implied generalizations

Repressing our human realization

Lines in the sand of our dusty skin

Disintegrating as our crystals become uncovered

Until our silicone she'll comes to form

Crystal consciousness cannot be achieved in caves of coal


The headache is over

Mind clear and sober

New domains conquered

Can now look back and ponder

What a hurtle surpassed

Having crossed new paths

outrunning this solar planetary revolution

This evolution light years beyond their retribution

Don't need to be part of a team creating my own league

Hell, I'll create many

They can even take it before they're ready

There are so many more

Newness commensing without room for last resorts


They borrow African Lips and Asian cheekbones

Botox and cheek fillers manufacture Human drones

Appropriated Northern European standards

Nigerian skin bleaching cream cancers

Asian eyelid lifts and nose bridge constructions

Fortifying identity corruption

True beauty is evolutionary built to last

Based on ancestors vicinity


We can appreciate our ancestry

Based on our phenotypic diversity

Instead we renounce them in favor of western modernity

Ignorance inhibiting interpersonal discovery

Look in the mirror see there's nothing to fix


Not Even anthropologists see true beauty

Phenotypically adapt based on geography

Do you believe there's one right way to see

One universal ideal for all humanity

A species scouring many habitats

Adapting like evolutionary acrobats

aquiline nose in jungle suffocates to death

Wide nostrils in cold makes for frozen breaths

Dark skin demelanates along longitudinal ends

Light Skin remelonates near equatorial median

Blue eyes in the desert sky can go blind

Yet Recessive traits are the new genetic prize

And the World's Historical living in disguise


Grandiosity in upward velocity

Megalomania peaking to hysteria

Im manic

A hobo so aristocratic

 Full of life and speaking so charismatic

Playing cartographer

i take continents then remap it

rearranging every space

confusing their scholastic

preventing Lex Luther's mission

Throw em off the pulpit

Criminalizing us to prison

when the leader is the culprit 


My super powers have got em mopin

Think they can play us so easy

it must be regs their tokin

Flamin ego maniacs

This bullshit has me jokin

Though i bet they buy that crack 

The holy rollin dopefiends

We arent even from this planet

This world we newly inhabit

you see we're all superman 

Playin clark kent for the man

Their no better then you and me 

Just another crossbread pedegree 

Tryna maintain their bloodline

When we're all playin earthling pantamime 

We're all gmo 

The DNA elaborated from our soul 

Lets fly toward the sun

and let enlightenment free everyone 

They say rogues end up in a casket 

Cus Im stand up speakin on a tangent 

Better yet a divine mission 

Powertrippin on my own heatvision

I melt your television 

No more glowin box 

catalyze your personality revision 

Jutting the heartbeat before it stops