​​​​Dario Mohr ART



An addict to the game

Lost within the labyrinth of flames

Misleading conduits leading me astray

While I toil and suffocate

Under your bright guise

Chasing tunnels of lies

I try to look you down the center for truth

I want to run right through you

But fear I wont get anywhere

But face to face with what I fear

Death is lurking beyond this fiery wall

Transcendence still a lesser priority then the fall

And though I know its my prerogative that's at fault

I just keep running to avoid it all

Heart Hole 

She lacks the capacity to truly love.

Loud and extroverted she makes her presence known

Most are hypnotized by the shadow she casts

but are too dazed to look directly into her lead point eyes

Few take a good look and if they are a good judge of character

They add no fuel to her fire

As she is feisty and cannot be snuffed out

And to attempt to would only degrade them.

She only longs for another when she is not noticed

But an adaptable animal she learns to dismiss them first for some hate fueled excuse

but once in a longer while she meets her cavity mate

And that person makes for her largest threat 

For that hunger for affection compels her to conquer his heart

Fickle and unsure, that person comes around

And when the transition of roles climaxes

She turns away from him

Leaving the bitch bewildered

Until he flips the script and she is the bottom feeder

So they play the dance of dominance/ submission

It is the only relationship their ignorance can reinforce

Parasitically, the 2 burrow codependently to hell

Ending only in what they so singlemindedly see as hatred for one another

when at the heart of their relationship

they are 2 individuals who truly despise themselves

Unable to bear the glaring epiphany

That their self worth is tied to their desirability is reinforced by another.

Vulnerable Predators, they feed on eachothers lives until they are no more

Antisocial lovers dying alone

Blind the Sky

14 billion years before me 

The elaborated whole was created by the divine trinity

hydrogen, helium and lithium

formed solar systems

star twisters found within everything animals perceive emperically

But as anomalies to the system we analyze more critically

through division our visions form concept

Peering into an object magnified

We see cauliflower and snowflakes fractalized

to our pores and veins further exemplified

Too much information for our tiny imaginations

Invisibly interconnected to spirit we cannot envision

And though our forefathers used myths to compartmentalize

We begin to live in veneration without divine personified

The I or the Atman acts as us collectively

and like a comet seperately directed by our own trajectory

We deliver light based on our particular destiny

A gift bestowed at birth but forgetten through education

Human domestication blinded to blackness us for centuries

Now we blind the sky with brilliant emanation


A Solitary Creator with no voice

hidden behind pen and paper without choice

Musing on the courage to be front in center

Departing from every door to enter

Dismissing  before it is missed

But to what purpose do to resist?

This illogical abyss 

Keeping me from spiritual bliss

Rendering me speechless 

I take to the mic annunciating soundless words

Enduring the most deafening silence I'd ever heard

Until vocals blurt out

Cringing as candid words fall from my mouth

Displaying everything that i am

Not through sentence but in hand

Till I then stumble into silence with whispers dispersing about

Heart lodged in the throat and Im about to cough it out

SELECT POEMS 2012-2014

Our Day is Coming

Our day is coming

Watching all of this chaos and wondering

How will our shows turn out next month

Act calm at work but it's all a front

stand tall yet it's a crippling burden

So much in my mind rehearsing

Though soon we will have our reprieve.

Pushing forward to achieve

We have much more to our destiny

Im learning to bring out the best in me

There is strength and character to accrue

Within both of us, then playing guru

to help each other through

On abundance we will be clear and we will persevere


Your tenacity and drive

Keeps the child inside alive

No need to stay provincial

Limitless is your potential

Timeless is your trajectory

Though This life ends indefinitely

If only enough hours in the day

Enough minutes to watch your display

Enough seconds to watch the show play

Enough time to watch you on stage

So much potential in you

So many options on what to do

So little time to decide what avenue

No need to limit yourself

Like the greats who dedicate their wealth

Not measured in proceeds from what sells

Rather the time invested meditating on self

Art is what we live for

And your art is to be adored

POEM: Votive Collective

Votive candles flickering n the dark

Cowering when the wind is harsh

dancing when the breeze is right

standing atop that wick tall and bright

it is up to us to elevate

that sinking flame that is our fate

Let the mantra refortify

the collapsing quantum fabric we stand on to testify

That atman is the only truth in this matrix of lie

And is the spirit that animates all encased form

Votives we are all born

A wax tomb we will be sealed

but as we are buried we must rekindle

Reinforcing our existence 

stretching beyond the resistance 

further extending against with persistence

Magnetic light collectively reenergizing 

burning torches spiritually synergizing

A supernova traveling through space

burning up the meteorites that stand in our way


Shell of the ghost

cracked open leaking yoke

slowly we drain out

From advent till our time plays out

A newborn in decay 

Under our bird cousins of Prey

Hovering over head

singing hymns our my death bed

Blue Note

Wise to the system

Givin them conniptions

Irritating distracted senses

Til their transformation commences

Blue note melody of truth

Correcting chaotic attitude

Stopping their disjointed interlude

flatlining them to mute

So they can listen to the tune

vibrational wavacles beat their drums

While octopi tentacles suction cup

Writing on the walls of their membrane

Once Insain now on the conscious plane

Flooding their brains with ink

Introspective messages making em think

Taking em back from the brink

Captivated they can't even blink