​​​​Dario Mohr ART



Trying to uncover the seemingly naked

You obscure yourself with flousihes and embellishments

A colorful painting over a muddy canvas

How do you see with the naked eye

What lies benieth without a paintscraper to pry

underneath the caked on paint layers

Without destroying the ever complexifying you

I dont know what your turning into

Or how you've come along

But I see the artist in you

And I believe in what you can do

I hope you are arcival

and that your canvas can support the heavy weight 

All that you are masking

without unraveling into what may be fate


Too young to be crotchety 

Too old to be oblivious

A babe dragging a wheelbarrow by the neck

Of a tarped heap barely understood

Forlorn and agitated my jaw clenches

Reflecting on the baggage acquired

Yet im still pulling along

With fear of whats attached catching up

For running down that inevitable incline

seams less cowardly than being pushed

But how long until the end of the road?

Too jaded to be young

Too spry  to be old


He says nothing at all

Through 3rd person watching his own fall

Possessed by his own decline

tuned into "death of a mime"

Where he steals the show

Giving no more signs of how droll he will go

Once a clown so mild

In this act he portrays a wild side

For too long being ignored

He provides himself the final reward

The striped fool turns black before all of their astonished eyes

Thereafter covered in white respected from the demised 

No applause of the attentive intended 

Just the captivation of his audience finally perfected


We must keep this alive

For I am a stranger inside

without the constant reinforcement of our mind

A land cultivated like springtime Earth

The passion which conceptualizes our delusion

Compartmentalising crystalizing thoughts

Complexiflying with layers

Masking the despair in our souls

As if shoveling a dune of soil on level ground

Will make the grave we inhabit deeper


In this alienation among the jesters and magicians

Its hard to know whats "real"

Sure people say they know it or are it

But beyond the smoke and mirrors of this media charm school

and all the social hazing of parodies and trickery so transparent

its astonishing stringless puppets get on day to day

affecting wth no regard for the actor

or who any of the supporting roles are played by

laughing and carrying on with black stars sewn over their eyes

Yes there are many types of freek in this sideshow

Posessing all the hocus pokus necessary to remain animated

Pseudo Psyche has stolen their innocent souls very young

And now the freeks just keep on multiplying

Stretching that guady tarp overhead blocking out the sun across the sphere

The indirect psychonaut's voice being drowned out by the festivites of the fools

Standing behind the drawn curtain

Souls in the shadows under the disgraceful show of humanity

Vagabond Dreamer

My youth is becoming a childhood front

This truth is becoming all too evident

A man I have been for 6 years and counting

The harrowing disposition of reliance surmounting

on days of lonely despair till the flipside

When I see the ocean swell, rise and capsize

Till all irrelevant perceptions subvert beneath me

All the while I recline and beseech the sea

standing still n the periphery

sand between me and destiny

I have become of this land

And by my own hand

Carved out my niche in the sand

But no longer can I not take my stand


Waiding, fearful ill be rendered black and blue

Scraped along the jagged shallow ocean bed

Though this pales in comparison to a fucked up head

And once I reach deeper ocean I will see new land

To swim to, crawl and take that stand...

I'll dive in when I am ready to make waves

In the mean time preoccupying myself as if Im paving the way

Am I really developing or aging in regress

Maybe ill just lay my head back down and decompress

Pluralistic Persons 

.Survival mechanisms in this civilization
of dominance hierarchy
Perpetuated as realization
By closed minded primates supporting this tyranny
Ruled by subhumans spreading infestation
of idiocracy as if in a royal Monarchy

Freedom and justice fall away
As wayward tradition keeps reason at bay
They preach a given meant to lead astray
Cloaked in ignorance yet we're expected to obey

Trend setters and dopelgangers break our legs
When we stand alone unwilling to follow suit
They ridicule and try and make us beg
And view us like some sort of brute
They try to lower our status peg by peg
when really they are the inhuman galoots 

We can't be condemned by the fools
We must break away
not to form our own colonies with new rules
But to walk alone out of their grasp as prey
for exploitation through means of media and school
We leave society to find our own individual way

With Meaning Forever and Never

Misunderstanding where we are
Where we're from
We've gone so far
Reality is undone

No way to recompense 
But must rediscover
Possibilities so immense
Brought down with dense clutter 

Truth's existence is unsure
Whatever catalyzed the BANG
May be the wisdom leading to social cure
No more bureaucratic myth to be sang

Just purity and knowledge
Beyond differences in ethnicity
Beyond whats taught in college
Beyond media's frivilous publicity
Keeping our core in a state of neutrality
Forgetting all are one including duality

Till the end
Not to be accelerated
Just realize to pry the mind open
And see existence perpetuated
With meaning forever
and never​


The adorned human body
A cultural universal for all society
though cultural impact has become unclear and foggy

Countless traditions manipulated
Through the ages endlessly re-articulated
People reinvented our society for a nuance jaded
Though there is whimsy in unity brought forth acculturated

Adornment culture concerned more for feeling elated
The media aids our quest to get masturbated
The trends of scarification are overrated 
Ethnically symbolic words and images that aren't internally related

The only way to appreciate
is from a distance where you can relate

Without causing a world culturally disturbed
Instead enabling all cultures to be preserved

We are a melting pot of delusion
Which will result in worldwide ethnic pollution

How blind can you be that you don't see your exploiting a fad
As edgy as it may seem its still controlled by the man

Where are the real people cloaked underneath the ego
They are lumped into different categories with the last name" Doe"

Are you trendy just to give birth to a yolkless egg
or trendy as the yin yang symbol on my leg

SELECT POEMS 2008-2010