"...Slip Through..."

Acrylic on unstretched canvas, faux grass and foliage, clothes rack, chest, gold coil, metal sheet, black cube, photo in picture frame

​6ft 3in x 8ft 2in x 11ft 8in

"Closed Casket"

A live performance done during the "Don't Let It Slip Through Your Fingers opening. This included live funerary poetry dedicated to each work in the show, a Eulogy, and a participatory performance, where audience members come to the pulpit and shared loss that they experienced. Participants also shared commemorations in a giant grief journal.​ This funeral was followed by a private grieving ritual performance.

"Don't Let It..."

Headstone, acrylic, glue and gold chain on unstretched canvas, faux candles, faux flowers and grass, flag, photo, object assemblage

3ft 4in x 3ft 7in x 11ft 5in

"Reach For It"

“Reach For It” was featured in “Shared Dialogue, Shared Space” event on Sunday, presented by Korea Art Forum as a public alternative art space in Weeping Beach Park in Flushing.

"...Your Fingers"

Acrylic and gold coil on unstretched canvas, and cardboard rod, artificial walls, faux Bird of Paradise and Areca Palm plants

13ft 10in x 8ft 2in x 9ft 9in

​​​​​​Dario Mohr 

"Don't Let It Slip Trough Your Fingers"

“Don’t Let It…” “...Slip Through…” and “...Your Fingers” includes three acrylic painted and assembled works that are inspired by the loss of a cherished object. These 3 works were presented as a solo show at Flux Factory at the end of Mohr's Artist Residency there.  In addition to these 3 works which were presented indoors, 4 additional public works were presented in parks throughout the spring and summer 2021. Objects are endowed with the power of reference by the signifier. This can include memories, philosophies and in some cases, a spiritual connection. Very often when an object is lost, so too are the memories that they inspire. This can leave us spiraling into despair and grief.This work was created in an attempt to fill this void by memorializing what was lost, and serve as an example of the power objects have over us: how we process their loss, create something new to continue their legacy and deepen the emotional power that the original object stood in for. 

​In addition to the physical works, Dario created a Funerary performance in front of an audience during the Flux Factory opening, which included a Eulogy and Poetry dedications for the 3 pieces in "Don't Let It Slip Through Your Fingers". This exhibited was on display on the week prior to and following Mother's Day weekend.