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I am a fine artist who utilizes an illustration background and my classical painterly training to create work that is in graphic and realistic synchronicity.  utilize painting as a means to express what is channelled to me as a divine conduit for creation. I act out my divinity through manipulating what the creator has laid out before me. Showcasing my spin or angle on what the originator has made and highlighting the fundamental design within all form of the 3rd dimension utilizing sacred geometry, fractals, and sensory experiences in conjunction with the visual for a more expansive experience. I often create narratives based on the lineage that connects life/matter in this realm we experience. Through the mediums of oil and acrylic I attempt to alchemize the expression of the colors from pigment to light. Believing we are all beings of the Atman or Divine, we are all beings of light and in order to connect with the soul of the viewer, I attempt to paint each brushstroke with the right intension and pureness of color for vibrant luminous works that truly resonate with the god within the viewer.  The messages and concepts of what to paint come to me through synchronicity of experience, deja vu and sapiosexual interactions with people. Epiphanies usually call for an entire ten to twelve piece series. 
I utilizes my practice inspired by the teachings of Lao Tsu and many others to mindfully paint lineages to philosophies and religion tracing back to the original people of Africa. I also utilize mandalas and symbolism from all over the world to showcase the relevance to natural law and saved geometry, tying in the universe and other dimensions to our human experience.  according to the big bang theory. Seeing Universe and life as a fractilizing oneness I have a lot of material to illustrate my conceptual narratives, underscored by my ideology developing with each piece.


From Fine Artist to Fashion Designer, and Curator

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